About This Report

This is Pretivm’s third annual Sustainability Report. This report provides a comprehensive summary of Pretivm’s performance related to the Brucejack Mine and related activities, including environmental and social impacts, health and safety, and opportunities for local communities and Indigenous groups. This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core Option. Relevant disclosures are summarized in the GRI Index. 

This Sustainability Report focuses on achievements and disclosures for the 2019 calendar year—although references to other years may be included for context—and is founded upon the material topics identified in our 2018 materiality assessment. In regard to financial disclosures, all costs and financial figures are provided in Canadian Dollars (CAD) unless otherwise noted.

Commercial mine production began in July 2017, and this 2019 Sustainability Report covers our second full year of mine operations. We look forward to continuing the sustainability journey. Each subsequent annual report will build on the prior with increasing disclosure of performance data and explanation and evaluation of our management approach for the material topics.

Pretivm relies on internal quality control and assurance processes to verify that the data presented is accurate and consistent, and that the information provided herein has been compiled and presented in accordance with the standards set out in the GRI guidance.

Pretivm welcomes feedback on our 2019 Sustainability Report, or in regard to other matters, questions, or concerns in relation to our company and the Brucejack Mine. For additional information, please email info@pretivm.com.