Sharing the Value of Gold

Gold has long been of the world’s most precious metals, with historical, emotional, cultural, and financial value. Jewelry remains the largest single use of gold, making up nearly half of all gold mined globally. Its unique physical properties mean gold is also an essential component for technology and engineering. It is malleable, resistant to corrosion, and conducts electricity. Its catalytic properties are useful in engines and industry to reduce harmful emissions and to purify air and water. As technology progresses, gold is increasingly used for health and medical applications, as well as in environmental management. Gold is also prized by investors and central banks, as it is seen as a store of value for investment.

At Pretivm, we believe that the value of our gold goes well beyond these applications. Gold from the Brucejack Mine is also valued in terms of jobs for local workers, and income for their families and communities. It means developing skills for workers, and youth, so that they can take advantage of growing opportunities in the mining industry; and it means working with our Indigenous partners to manage the land, support economic development, and plan for a sustainable future. For Pretivm, the value of gold is shared and measured in the well-being of the people connected to our operations and their communities.