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Economic Benefits of BC’s Mining Supply Chain

A recent study by the Mining Association of BC (MABC) highlighted the economic activity generated by mining operations in the province in 2018. Findings of the study, based on data from 2018, included:

  • Mining and smelting generated $12.3 billion in economic activity in BC, supporting over 33,000 direct and indirect jobs, and contributing almost $1 billion in direct payments to the provincial government to support healthcare, education, and public services British Columbians rely on.
  • The industry—including 17 metal and steelmaking coal mines and two smelters—purchased $2.9 billion worth of materials, goods, and services from 3,730 BC businesses in 215 urban, rural and Indigenous communities in 2018.
  • 120 Indigenous-affiliated mine suppliers provided materials, goods, and services to BC’s mining industry in 2018, valued at $265 million. These businesses are associated with 25 Indigenous Nations or Indigenous Development Corporations.
  • BC’s mining industry provided $6.5 million in community investments to approximately 340 organizations in 50 municipalities and Indigenous communities in 2018.

As one of the operating mines in the province in 2018, Pretivm contributed to the value highlighted in this study and has continued to significantly contribute to the provincial economy in 2019. Further information is provided by MABC.