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Bringing Books to Communities in the Upper Skeena Region

Pretivm’s support for local communities is evident with the Hazelton's Learners Opportunity Group Society (L.O.G.S.), a volunteer group dedicated to promoting literacy and education in the Upper Skeena Region.

For twenty years, the L.O.G.S. book bus has brought donated reading material to communities in the Upper Skeena Region. In December 2018, the former vehicle was no longer operable, and L.O.G.S. reached out to Pretivm to support their goal of replacing the bus. In response, Pretivm purchased and donated a van for L.O.G.S., in collaboration with other local businesses which sourced, delivered, and retrofitted it. The book bus was back on the road by summer. During the 2019 Christmas season, Pretivm staff chose the book bus as the annual holiday community project and purchased more than $1,000 worth of books across all genres to be added to the mobile library.