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Caring for Our Watershed

Our ability to manage impacts on the environment is predicated on the expertise of our staff, and water management is no exception. Xavier Pinto is one of the most experienced members of Pretivm’s environmental department. He acts as a Qualified Professional (QP) on hydrometrics and meteorology, manages our water management and monitoring system, maintains key instrumentation, prepares reports for government regulators, and provides critical leadership and coaching to our junior and intermediate staff.

As an expert on hydrometrics and meteorology, Xavier is responsible for the water monitoring system at the Brucejack mine site. With past experience in the mining and oil and gas industries, and as an environmental consultant, Xavier finds work at the operating Brucejack Mine to be inherently rewarding. He notes that Pretivm is committed to excellence when it comes to water management, and appreciates that his recommendations are well received by the company.

“This is a company that sees compliance as the minimum standard, and then asks ‘what else can we do’?” Xavier Pinto, Senior Hydrologist