Training & Development

Our goal is to build capacity within our workforce through internal training and promotion. By extension, we also aim to support the growth and diversification of the regional labour force and to work with educational organizations to support efforts that aim to align regional training programs with industry needs. We maintain several on-site training programs and focus on the development and promotion of our employees throughout their careers.

We also work with regional and provincial training institutions to ensure that interested applicants—including experienced workers, youth, and those new to the workforce—have access to relevant training opportunities in local communities. Our strategic engagement with post-secondary institutions aims to develop a talent pipeline for the Brucejack Mine in the long term and to build transferable skills that benefit the local and regional labour force beyond the mine life. Our partnerships with external institutions are further discussed in Community Relations. 

On-Site Training Programs

Our workers are empowered by the skills and knowledge gained in our on-site training programs. Our goal is to ensure that all of our employees receive the appropriate training to perform work safely and effectively. We maintain a centralized training register at the Brucejack Mine. Each of our departments—including underground mining, the mill, high-voltage electrical works, and others—organize training programs that focus on specific job functions, equipment, and risks present in the immediate work environment. Our human resources department plans to implement training for supervisors and managers to establish strong people management skills throughout the company.

For all workers, on-site training begins with orientation, which made up a significant portion of our training hours in 2019. Site orientation is mandatory for anyone coming to the mine site for the first time. We conducted 2,884 hours of site orientation at the Brucejack, Knipple, and Bowser sites. In addition to site orientation, we offered 26 different types of training programs at the mine site including modules related to safety, equipment operations, use of personal protective equipment, and use of mine and mill infrastructure. In 2019, we provided 5,950 hours of training across these 26 programs. Our emergency response team participated in an additional 6,459 hours of specialized training over the course of 2019. More information about emergency response and rescue training is provided in Safety by Choice, Not Chance. 

Our training team works with the Brucejack Mine General Manager, human resources department, and managers and supervisors throughout the organization to ensure that suitable training is available when needed. We also contract external experts for specialist training needs such as mine rescue.

Our teams keep track of upcoming training needs and training documentation with the help of the training register. The register also provides a training record for each worker to support career growth and continued employability in the mining industry.

Data Highlights

of employees had a performance review in 2019
44 people
promoted internally in 2019

Developing Our Workers

Our continued efforts in 2019 to develop our workforce and build our teams used a balance of promotion from within our current workforce, and external recruitment to identify and hire new talent.

In our second full year of commercial operation, we supported internal promotions through a newly implemented system of annual performance and development reviews for all of our employees. In 2019, 92% of our workforce participated in the performance review process, which included individual goal setting and managerial support to progress these goals. This process also helped our supervisors and managers proactively identify high performers and support upward mobility within the company. As a result, Pretivm promoted 44 people (18 Indigenous) in 2019 and supported another 43 people (23 Indigenous) to change positions over the course of the year.

Pretivm supports skills development throughout the company. In addition to the formal training programs outlined above, our leaders often take the time to help future leaders develop business and management skills including computer skills, cost controls, project management, and other fundamental knowledge that supports success.

Highlight Story

Advancing Skills & Career Prospects Through an Apprenticeship Program

The Brucejack Mine’s Apprenticeship Program has promoted a wide range of trades including heavy duty mechanics, electricians, welders, instrumentation technicians, millwrights, carpenters, plumbers/gas fitters, parts and warehouse technicians, and professional cooks, supporting employees and local community members in developing their skills and career prospects.

Pretivm covers the costs of tuition, registration, exam fees, and books and supplies for apprentices while giving them the opportunity to learn their trade at the Brucejack Mine. Additionally, we provide salary continuance and extended benefits for employees involved in the program.

Nine apprentices are currently benefitting from our Apprenticeship Program.