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A Personal Connection to the Communities

Born and raised in Kitimat, our Community Relations Manager Aldea Lavallie has a strong personal connection to Northwest BC and has spent most of her life living and working in the region. Aldea, who is Metis, began her career in the mining industry over 16 years ago as a dedicated Human Resources and Community Relations professional. During her time at Barrick Gold, she was the Social Development Coordinator, a role that was a first in the industry. She supported employee wellbeing, on the physical, mental and professional level, connecting employees to their communities and the communities to site. Mining also runs in her family history: her great grandmother ‘Ma’ St. Pierre was one of the first women on the Klondike trail in the Yukon in the early 20th century where she owned and operated a mine with her husband. 

When Aldea first started, there were not a lot of women working in the industry, but she has noted that there have been many positive changes since. “A supportive management is key”, she says, “and I have been very fortunate to work with many great people over the years.” And her hard work has not gone unnoticed. In 2012, she won the Yukon Chamber of Mines Community Award for her ‘Groundwork for Employment’ workshop with Yukon Zinc. 

Her role as Pretivm’s Community Relations Manager allows Aldea to travel across the region and meet with community members around the Mine to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. “The people have always been the best part of my job and if you open yourself up to the diversity of cultures, you will gain many memorable experiences that last a lifetime”, she says. Especially being invited to cultural celebrations such as the Nisga’a Hobiyee are what makes her work so uniquely rewarding. 

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