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Protecting Brucejack From Mountain Hazards

With four full-time workers and 14 full-time seasonal avalanche technicians, Pretivm’s Mountain Safety team manages mountain hazards of all kinds. In winter, the focus is on snow avalanches, while other mountain hazards and glacier management require year-round attention. All team members have spent their lives working in the mountains as senior level ski patrollers, ski guides, and mountain guides, and have professional avalanche qualifications from the Canadian Avalanche Association in addition to training in Advanced First Aid and Rope Rescue courses.

Each winter, we monitor snow and weather conditions to manage avalanches along the length of the haul road and around the Brucejack Mine. When risk levels rise, we use a variety of techniques to mitigate this hazard to levels that allow continued safe work and travel. Our goal is to protect workers and infrastructure from avalanche hazards, while maintaining a safe and productive operation. We also provide emergency rescue capabilities for the mountain environments that we all work in.

We train for individual and group avalanche, glacier crevasse, and technical helicopter extraction rescue from inaccessible terrain. All of these are regularly practiced to a high standard throughout each season. Our work provides an incredibly rewarding, important, and challenging experience and we are proud to be a part of the Brucejack Mine operations.

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