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Selling the Gold

Pretivm’s Director of Treasury Janice Song has been with Pretivm since 2017. With 16 years of industry experience in financial reporting, treasury, and risk management, Janice has been looking after corporate financing, treasury, insurance, and sales of the precious metals that the Brucejack Mine produces at Pretivm.

Janice enjoys the challenging and fast-paced nature of her role—being required to follow fast changing global economy, following dynamic gold concentrates market to find best customers for Brucejack products, and always working to improve top line (revenue) of the company.  She has recently taken on additional role in enterprise risk management, showing leadership in new areas and embracing new learning opportunities. “Patience and willingness to take on new challenges are the key!” she says. “It is important to know the direction of career that we want to build, but have the patience to wait for the right opportunities & build the foundation blocks required for future growth.”

When reflecting back on her career, Janice notes that she has rarely turned down new projects or challenges. Working hard and producing quality results has allowed her to develop and advance. When asked how she has such a broad range of experience, her simple answer is: “Good work was always rewarded with more work, but once accomplished them, they became my experiences & skills.” However, Janice also recognizes that her career advancement has not been without its challenges. She sees the lack of women and minorities in corporate management across the mining sector, and believes that there is a lot of room for improvement for the industry to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion.

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