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Sharing the Mountains

The mountains that surround the Brucejack Mine are home to a wonderful array of creatures great and small, none more astounding than the Mountain Goat. A keen eye may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these death-defying mountaineers as they traverse cliffs and crags. Pretivm has made it a mission to share the mountains with all our neighbors, including the goats, and we use the best available science to help prevent human-wildlife interactions.

In partnership and consultation with professional biologists, government and local Indigenous groups, Pretivm has developed a Mountain Goat Management Plan. As outlined in the plan, the most critical mitigation activity is avoidance. This means giving the goats the space they need to live undisturbed in the mountains. When there is a chance that our operations may interact with Mountain Goats, we complete a thorough ‘goat presence’ survey of the area before beginning work, such as blasting for avalanche protection and prevention. Helicopter pilots are also educated in flight operations to minimize potential impacts on Mountain Goats and follow preferred flight paths whenever safe to do so.

There have been no recorded incidents involving Mountain Goats since the start of construction and operations, and goats continue to occupy habitat observed during baseline environmental studies.

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