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Supporting Sustainable Community Development

Founded in 2012, the volunteer-based Stewart Community Connections Society (SCCS) supports a wide range of community development initiatives and programs identified as “game changers” or priority areas that will have the most impact on families living in poverty. In 2020, the SCCS launched their 2020–2022 Community Action Plan, prioritizing areas such as income and employment, housing, transportation, education, early childhood development, health, food security and financial empowerment.

Pretivm and the SCCS have entered into a three-year sponsorship agreement to support programs and projects outlined in the plan, including support to the local Food Bank and meal delivery for seniors and low-income residents. With this investment, Pretivm is helping the SCCS improve food security in one of the communities where we operate.

Reflecting the growth of its programs, the SCCS has hired a full-time Executive Director to manage projects, and secured a lease on a building to use for office space and meetings. The newly leased space provides further opportunities to engage with the community through place making initiatives such as collaboratively enhancing the community garden, providing fitness classes for seniors and games for families to enjoy, all while improving the health, happiness, and wellbeing of all residents of the community. Read more about the inspiring programs and projects on the Stewart Community Connections Society website.

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