Highlight Stories

Taking a Leadership Role Across Teams

With 10 years of experience in the mining industry, Harrison Mazur brings a wealth of knowledge to his role as Environmental Scientist. An outdoor enthusiast in his spare time, he speaks from personal experience when teaching people about the wildlife around the mine and how to have safe interactions. This ranges from bears wandering into camp to swallows diving at people’s heads to protect their nests.

At the Brucejack Mine, reclamation does not start after the end of mining but is a continuous process of progressive reclamation throughout the Life of Mine. A highlight for Harrison is watching the reclaimed areas come to life and seeing nature regenerate in cleared areas.

Apart from his work on the environmental team, safety is an important part in both his personal and his work life. The experience he has gained as a volunteer fire fighter in his home community of Telkwa can be directly applied to his leadership role on the Brucejack ERT team where he provides training and mentorship to the other team members as the team expands and takes on new challenges.

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