Protecting Our Environment

Pretivm prioritizes protecting our natural environment as a key corporate responsibility. As the operator of the Brucejack Mine, and through grassroots exploration in nearby claims, we endeavor to comply with or exceed all applicable environmental regulations, standards, and permitting requirements. We adhere to the precautionary principle and strive to apply best practices for sustainable resource development. Our environmental management is continuously improving as we aim to reduce our impacts on water and biodiversity, handle and treat waste products safely, and increase energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions throughout our operations.

Our commitment to protecting the environment is embodied in our Environmental Policy, which is supported by a suite of environmental management plans that guide all workers, suppliers, and contractors through their workdays. Each of them has a duty to protect the natural environment, in every aspect of work at the Mine and in surrounding areas. Environmental protection is a foundation of the Board's sustainability mandate, and our investors view environmental protection, awareness and action on climate change, and sustainable operations as requirements for responsible investment.